The band


John Stargasm Vocals, Keys
Mika Nagazaki Bass
Greg Remy Guitar
Antoine Michel Drums
Jean Waterlot Keys, Guitar

and was

Kris Dane Keys, guitar
Fabrice Georges Drums
Sanderson Poe Contrabass

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The way it all started...

In the early days of 1999, John got back together with 2 former members of Las Vegas Parano, Michaël (on bass) and Fabrice (on drums), and added the instrumentalists Greg (on guitar) and Sanderson (on contrabass). Then he glued them together with his pianoforte and created GHINZU. A name that mimics a japanese-inspired brand of knives with the now famous baseline "The more you use it, the sharper it gets".

The debut album, ELECTRONIC JACUZZI, was released independently on December 15, 2000 (Dragoon is the label, created by and for the band). Recorded in Brussels, it took shape in a few sessions in the spring and fall of 1999 and 2000. Already reedited twice, it represents a watershed in contemporary pop. It contains 12 tracks moving from groove to noise in ways no virtual band can.

GHINZU’s music can be described as NOISE-POP. The rhythm section is crisp, relaxed and innovative. It makes a bouncing, polished groove that floats: the perfect contrast to the sounds produced by the guitar and contrabass. It contains the basic elements of pop: piano, trash synthesizers, no-wave melodies, passionate rhythms and unique melodramatic hooks. But it is ripe with experimentation: duo-bass lines, piano ballads accompanied by cut-beat drums, distortions, lyrics full of lo-fi humor and self-mockery, speed-pop and of course… the noise. This is modern music and like with all new music, at its core lies an innovative way to redefine the way music is played and listened to: GHINZU extracts sounds from their instruments rather than playing them in the conventional fashion.

Four years after, a second album is born. BLOW, wich allowed the band to get some enthusiastic feedback from the media and critics, was a breakthrough in Ghinzu journey to the belgian Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame. The first single 'Do you read me' captivated the french audience and opened many doors to tv shows such as Taratata, Traffic Music, MTV select and allowed them to tour across France during the summer of 2004 with about 20 dates.

In 2005, Ghinzu started the new year with a tour of a few dates in the Netherlands (Venlo, Nijmegen, Tilburg, Den Bosch), where they had been eagerly awaited since the release of Blow and their appearances at several festivals the previous summer (Valkhofaffaire in Nijmegen, Zinin Festival in Utrecht). After another sell out gig at Paris' L'Elysee Montmartre on 1st of February, Ghinzu played their first few gigs in Switzerland. Their tour ended with an invitation to participate in the renowed Montreux Jazz Festival.

After 4 years of hard work, GHINZU is back with MIRROR MIRROR, an album featuring 12 tracks and released in more than 10 countries across Europe. It has been carefully reworked, polished and mastered with the precious help of Christine Verschorren, Dimitri Tikovoï and Nick Terry - who have all in their own way contributed to make every track emotional, sensitive yet unique and powerful.

The first singles ("Cold Love" for Belgium and "Take it Easy" for France), have already reached hotspots on Belgian and French radio playlists, and the album already appears at the first place for the 'iTunes Belgium best selling album' on the first week of its digital release.

Ghinzu will tour across France from April 1st to April 10th and has already started appearing on a few festivals such as 'Le Printemps de Bourges (FR)', 'Main Square Fetival, Arras (FR)', 'Werchter Rock Festival (BE)' and 'Les Ardentes (BE)'.

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